Surface Tension

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Surface Tension_Copenhagen

Surface Tension_Copenhagen brings together practitioners from varied disciplines and geographies to undertake projects that seek to engage the city of Copenhagen. The exhibition extends from a past exhibition, Surface Tension_Curitiba, held in Curitiba Brazil in January 2006. Driving this series of exhibitions is the intention to examine local urban conditions through creative work by inviting multiple viewpoints onto the local from both residents of the city as well as visitors. In this regard, the exhibition aims to stimulate an exchange between local artists and international visitors, so as to generate and question methods of working relationally, understandings of local conditions, and the urgencies around building strategies. Focusing on aspects of the built environment, the exhibition aims to underscore the active systems, structures, and local productions at work in and around the city. From historical traces to urban infrastructures, the specifics and modulations of language to communities and their rituals, these investigations unfurl embedded features that inform and define the city and our place in it.


April 14 - May 6, 2007

Copenhagen, Denmark

Yvette Brackman(Denmark)
Octávio Camargo(Brazil)
Ken Ehrlich(USA)
Nigel Green & Robin Wilson(England)
Brandon LaBelle(Denmark)
Nis Rømer(Denmark)