Manual project

Manual operates as a platform for developing process-oriented and relational practices, focusing on forms of collaboration and public dialogue.

How to foster collaborative investigations involving the energies and dynamics of urban spaces?

Manual functions as a blend of workshop and staging, on-site research and open-ended exchange.



Manual for the construction of a sound as a device to elaborate social connection - Oslo


Siri Austeen - hum of the tram
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec - virtual mirror / reality soundtrack
Brandon LaBelle - diary of a stranger
Jana Winderen - noise and imagination
Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl aka å+k - bike circuit


Siri Austeen - hum of the tram


The artist invites you for a trip through Oslo on a tram in which a diversity of sound sources are amplified and presented live during the ride. This sound installation, along with text-based announcements, explores relations between auditory experience, perception, the act of traveling, coming and going, between the many and the one, by using the tram as a sounding instrument.

Departure Monday 14.09 from Olav Ryes plass, Grünerløkka.: 19.30
goes further to Jernbanetorget 19.37, Aker Brygge 19.43, Majorstua
19.53, Stortorvet 20.10, Olav Ryes plass 20:18.

Boarding the tram, the journey – across the city, or to home, or maybe just a few stops – is transformed into another kind of experience: the immersion into a sonic envelope, a vessel full of resonating sound, repetitions, ghostly textures that all come to modulate the surrounding environment. The hum of the tram constructs an auditory experience from the concrete banality of the journey, twisting and unfolding other dimensions within the everyday.